Challah for Sukkot

One of my favorite holidays (depending on the weather) is Sukkot.  We build a fort in the yard and eat our meals in it all week. Fun!  One of the traditions we have for Sukkot is to follow the commandment from Leviticus to gather four specific species of plant together and use them to rejoice.  The traditional four species look a bit like this:

So I used that for inspiration for my challot this week.  The green three-branched part is called a Lulav, and I used three braids tied together to make this:


The citrus part is called an etrog, which I made like this:


After they come out of the oven they were beautiful!


Close up on the Lulav:


And the etrog:


One of the things that makes a etrog (the citron) kosher is that it has an intact pitom, or stem.  I used a raisin to make sure my etrog was kosher!

Happy Sukkot!


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