Challah for Parshah Noah!

I had a couple of ideas for this week’s challah.  First I thought I’d try a flavor.  Although “pumpkin spice” everything is in this time of year, you won’t see me on the pumpkin train.  I hear that Smitten Kitchen has a great apple challah recipe.  I may have to try it in November. I also am a huge fan of this week’s Torah portion, Noah.  What’s not to love about animals and a dove showing land, a rainbow and a promise?  I looked for images of doves to make into challah and only found sitting birds, not birds in flight.  And Noah really needs a dove in flight.  So I went for the next obvious symbol for this portion, the rainbow. I divided the dough into 6 parts. Then I took each portion of dough, and added some food color to it and worked it in.



Here’s the second rise:



And all the dough laid out to braid:


Then I did a basic 6 braid: (I made some small challot for my house-mate who is traveling this shabbat!)


The colors were amazing!!


It baked up, maintaining most of the brightness!


And the color goes right through the dough!!


One thing that I noticed about this challah, is that working the color into the dough makes it a bit over worked. I may have to experiment with other ways to color the dough, that keeps the challah fluffy.  It still tastes good (I tried the cut loaf) but is denser than what I usually make.


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