Reduce Reuse Recycle.

A number of folks had pointed out to me a Halloween Candy challah in “Tablet” magazine.  I figured this was a great way to “recycle” the left over candy.  Or, I guess if I were more hipster, to “Up-cycle” the candy into something new and better!!

I started with a random assortment of candy (thanks Neelz and Greg).


I chopped the candy into pieces, and made three bowls of it.  One of the Dove Milk, one of the M&Ms and one that was the assorted rest of the bunch.


Then I rolled out the dough and added the candy.


Made my “snake” and braided.



It cooked up really nicely.

image image

Of course, we have a slight problem with it… all the candy is dairy, and, technically speaking, might make the bread fall into the blessing category of “mizanot” (food that is grain, but not bread) instead of “motzi” (bread).  So I made an additional loaf of regular challah to ensure we can make “motzi” on it (plus two to give to a friend).


Finally, there is the issue that the candy is dairy and challah is supposed to be parve.  I looked up the kosher laws about dairy bread last night.  The gist is that ALL bread is supposed to be parve, so that one does not make a mistake and eat dairy bread with meat or meaty bread with dairy.  If you make a dairy bread, you are to make it in a different shape so as to clearly mark it as dairy and not get confused.  And you are to eat it all in one day.

Since the point of the law is to make sure you don’t get confused, and since my house has only a dairy kitchen, and I haven’t had meat in about 25 years, I don’t think there is risk of confusion over this bread.  AND if there might be, I think the green M&M shell melt that is CLEARLY visible on the outside of the loaf, will be a marker that this is not typical parve bread.  And finally, if we HAVE to, I guess we can eat the whole loaf in one day!  I’ll take one for the team with this candy bread!

Happy-week-after-Halloween!!  Hope you come up with creative ways to recycle your candy!


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