Fall Foliage

I wanted to make a Fall themed challah. Something that looked like a blanket of freshly fallen, brightly colored leaves.

fall leaves colorful green pictures, backgrounds and images


So I started with my basic recipe, and added color to sections.



Then I cut them into small pieces.


And arranged them in a pan.


I let them do a second rise in the loaf pans, then baked them.

image  image

The color was pretty good.  The top seems to brown more with the dye in the bread, or maybe I just notice it more with the color. The colors weren’t quite what I’d envisioned, but I’m still happy with the results. The second rise, after adding the dye, helped these not be as dense as the rainbow ones, so I was happier with the texture.  One of the two-year-olds at the table Friday night kept referring to the challah as “cake”.  I’m sure the color confused her.  I have another idea for another fall colored challah…looking forward to trying a different execution.


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