Fall Foliage (again)

Round two of the fall designs.  In creating this design I googled “fall bread” and found some amazing ideas.

This is the one I attempted to emulate (although she uses negative space and I used positive):


Mine isn’t quite that spectacular, but I had fun and learned in the process of doing it.

First I cut a leaf stencil out of paper.  Then I used it to sprinkle spices onto the bread. I used paprika, turmeric and a curry mix.


I learned that if I tapped the paper onto the bread, and tapped the spice into place, that it stuck a lot better:


The bread was beautiful before baking:


After baking, the colors were a bit more washed out.


Though you can still see them:


What I learned, if I try this again… use only one layer of egg wash, or even a wash (like olive oil) that would help the spices stick but not darken the bread when it bakes.  And use your finger to tamp the spice down to hold it in place.

I had feared that the spices would be strong and make the bread in-edible.  They did not.  They flavored it nicely without over powering. Next time I’ll try this coloring technique on braided bread.


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