Challah FAIL!

It was inevitable. At some point I was going to design a challah that would end up a total fail.  This was the week!

My friend Max (yes, the one who issued this challenge) and I volunteered to make the kiddush lunch for our community this week. We are members of the Kavana Cooperative here in Seattle. Kavana holds a minyon on Saturday morning about once a month. 40-50 people attend and someone volunteers to bring the lunch. It was our turn.

I thought it would be fun to make the Kavana logo as my challah. It looks like this

You will notice that it is a Star of David, but with the top triangle over the bottom one. I tried a new coloring technique. Instead of kneading the color in, I tried dipping the dough in colored water. It worked fabulously! Bright vibrant colors.



However, the wet dough didn’t stick together very well. As you can see, the blue side was already rolling off. I stuck it back on before baking, but it wasn’t happy there…


This is what came out of the oven:



Yeah, total fail! I couldn’t serve that to my congregation!

So I whipped up another batch, and made this instead:


imageWhich baked up perfectly!




All was not lost, I sliced the colored challah and labeled it “Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Bread”. The kids loved it!



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