Ginger. Bread. House.

My mom’s birthday was this month.  The past few years I’ve tried to focus on consumable gifts, better for the environment and less clutter for her.  She loves candied ginger, so I’ve learned to make it and give it to her annually, for the past three years or so.  The process is pretty straight forward,  you peel and slice the ginger, then boil it in simple syrup for about 45 min (until soft ball stage for the candy makers out there).  The byproduct of this process is a delicious ginger syrup, as well as the goal candy. Since I had a little of the ginger left over after mom’s birthday present, I decided to try a candied ginger challah.

First I chopped the ginger, finer than I had for eating as candy.

Then I mixed that into the dough,  working it through.  Now, because this is ginger and bread, I HAD to shape it like a house.


Since I had the ginger syrup, I did a wash of that on the outside.

image  I just added a bit of water to it and brushed it on.  The result was beautiful.


It it also got rave reviews from those who ate it.  My housemate, who has eaten a lot of my challah this year, gave it a 9 out of 10!  Our Shabbat guest didn’t know what she was biting into and was totally delighted when she got a mouth full of sweet ginger.  I’m not a huge candied ginger fan, but have to say it was a delightful challah.  I’d make it again, for a gingery special occasion (or maybe next year, after mom’s birthday.)


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