Purim Challah!

Purim Samecah!

My Purim challah has an extra special story behind it.  A few weeks ago, I read a post on my local Buy Nothing Group looking from a woman who was writing a food blog and wanted to feature neighbors and their stories.  She was asking if anyone had a specialty that they cooked who would like to be featured.  I said I don’t really cook, but I do bake and if she was interested I’d teach her to make challah. She took me up on the offer.

Karen came to the house with her friend Bria, and I showed them how I make challah (they also got to meet the chickens).  Because it was just before the feast of Purim, we made a traditional Moroccan Purim bread with eggs baked into it.  The eggs are supposed to be Hamans eyes (what is it with eating Haman, as I’m used to hamentashen being Haman’s ears.)

We used the regular dough, and made spots for the eggs, which we “seatbelted” in with criss cross pieces of dough.


Fennel is a common seed to use on these. I didn’t have regular fennel, but I had candied, so I used that.  It added color and flavor which was great.

Karen and Bria were excellent guests who asked great questions and totally got their hands covered in flour when the time came. I loved learning with these women, as we tried a new to me challah version!

The final product was both beautiful and delicious.  The eggs were baked to perfection. And I made two new friends.


You can read Karen’s side of the story here:



2 thoughts on “Purim Challah!

  1. Let me tell you folks, this challah looks as good as it tastes. Bria and I had so much fun meeting you, Rebecca. The morning we spent together will be a favorite memory of mine for a long time. I hope we can collaborate again some day 🙂


  2. […] Then the Pride Challah. I’d already made a rainbow one back in the fall for Parshat Noah.  So I looked for rainbow sprinkles at the store.  The only kosher ones had too many white ones in them to look rainbow.  I hit up the candy isle– skittles aren’t kosher and M&Ms don’t have purple (and do have brown).  So I used what I had on hand, the “gayest” thing in my pantry– the mulitcolored fennel sprinkles that I used back at Purim. […]


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