Canada Day Challah

Wednesday, July 1st was Canada Day. As a Canadian I needed to celebrate on the closest shabbat.  However, the truly closest shabbat is the 4th of July, and as an American I need a red white a blue challah on that day. On Friday, June 26th, I woke up to fabulous news.  SCOTUS had ruled on same-sex marriage, finally making it legal in all 50 states. Plus, this weekend was pride weekend.  What’s a gay-allied-dual-Canadian-American to do? I asked my friend Maxine, and she said go with the pride challah because she’s “more queer than Canadian”.  But I’m more Canadian than queer. So I made both.

First, my Canada Day Challah.  I decided to use maple syrup in the challah instead of honey. And I cut out a Leaf shape:




Then the Pride Challah. I’d already made a rainbow one back in the fall for Parshat Noah.  So I looked for rainbow sprinkles at the store.  The only kosher ones had too many white ones in them to look rainbow.  I hit up the candy isle– skittles aren’t kosher and M&Ms don’t have purple (and do have brown).  So I used what I had on hand, the “gayest” thing in my pantry– the mulitcolored fennel sprinkles that I used back at Purim.


The final products were beautiful and delicious.  The maple leaf, because of the amount of salt on it (that’s red colored salt I used) tasted like pretzel challah and was a big hit!

image image


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