Apricot and Zattar Challah

Apricot and Zattar– that is a combination I could not have come up with on my own.  But here’s what happened. I belong to a listserv that is for “farmers” in Seattle. I get tons of great information from this list about how to raise my chickens. And on occasion, there is something else valuable on there.  Well, one of those “something elses” happened to be the offer to buy crates of fresh apricots straight from the farmers for a deep discount.  There was a farm in the Yakima Valley with hail damaged apricots.  So we bought a case. And they were delicious.

So that got me thinking that I should make an apricot challah.  Which led me to google. Which led me to this recipe.


I made the apricot paste, adapting their recipe, using fresh fruit and no jam.  Just a bunch of honey to keep them sweet.


The outcome was amazing! The spouse suggested I was heavy handed with the zaatar (especially because finding kosher zattar in Seattle isn’t easy, it was EXPENSIVE from Whole Foods). But the combination of the two flavors was divine.


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