Friendship Bread

It is fitting, as get close to the end of the year, that I made this friendship bread.  My friend Maxine was the one who issued this challenge. Every year her family, my family, and three other families go away for Labor Day weekend together.  Of course I had to make a special labor day challah.  Maxine had suggested a friendship symbol, saying that she imagined that as two hands holding each other. I pictured something like this:

But how do you make that in challah?

It creates a level of three dimensionality that I would have a hard time recreating.

So first I made two hands.


These were literally traces of my fingers.  You can see there is a left and a right.

Then I sculpted them to hold each other. After trying a few positions, I decided curling fingers under each other made the most sense and looked the most like two friends.


It baked up well.



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